Anthropologists and refugees between global hegemony and the subaltern ‘other’

  • Leonardo Schiocchet
Keywords: Refugees, hegemonic/subaltern, Europe/Middle East, summer of refuge, encounter/integration


Anthropologists and Refugees between the Middle East and Europe is a special issue of Anthropology of the Contemporary Middle East and Central Eurasia (ACME) that aims to contribute to the anthropological understanding of the so-called ‘Summer of Migration’, in 2015, when large numbers of asylum seekers arrived in Europe, particularly from Syria and Afghanistan. In addition to this introduction, this issue features three main articles, by Sholeh Shahrokhi, Sabine Bauer-Amin and Ayşecan Terzioğlu, a fieldwork report by Valentina Grillo, and a selection of book reviews relating to the anthropological study of refugees and the Middle East. Overall, this special issue reflects upon some of the major challenges of forced migration today, and the difficulties anthropologists face when engaging with refugees.